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iStudyTM bridges the major missing link in webcasted lectures; the ability to ask questions at the right context, at the right time during the sequence of the lecture – and to be answered.

iStudyTM enables establishing schools or sets of professional courses that include the edited presentations, as well as additional learning materials. Students can have free access or register and get a password.  iStudyTM  allows direct access to the correct place on the interactive Q&A knowledge database.
Within iStudyTM the Q's & A's are associated with a specific segment and context within the presentation, thus keeping the logical sequence and natural beat of the lesson.
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The Home page of Diabetes course from our Medical School
a proffesinal school for medical doctors
Commercial enterprises sponsoring the conference can use iStudyTM to continue further contact with attendees and other students, using their own experts to give professional support by answering questions and expanding the knowledge database.

The way Q's & A's are associated with each specific presentation over a long period of time, enables to learn from the best, highest quality questions asked by a large student population, instead of being limited to a handful of questions asked by a random batch of attendees at any specific lecture. The knowledge base continuously builds up, expands and refreshes; it is alive, thus attracting target audiences for repeated visits to the conference webcasts and the associated Q's & A's knowledge database. The longevity and effectiveness of the lectures are unmatched compared with a "coventional" presentation in front of a one-time audience. This way iStudy also helps the branding of your event.

In order to maintain a high academic level, each presentor is in full control; deciding which questions to answer, and whether to publish them or to privately answer the asking person. This ensures the content's high quality and prevents distractive redundant noise.

We offer iStudy in 2 modules:

iStudy page and presentation

(the leading LMS software used by thousands of universities all around the world)
(the lecturer or someone else)
(or the professional who is responsible to provide the answers) 
(on powerpoints, PDF file, letter, .doc , Video clips, pictures etc)
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